Stuff to Read

My new humorous (and still completely weird) short story, “Mother’s Little Helper,” is now available for free on Associated Content, you may want to check it out, it’s a fun, quick read, and if you like it, please click the little thingies that show that you do, that would be lovely of you.

I also have a poem that was published with amazing speed, also on Associated Content, called “From Here.” It is connected to the earlier blog pieces, Waiting and the posts that followed, so it’s more serious. If you related to those posts, you’ll probably like it, and at 75 words, it’s probably going to take far less time to read than this will. It’s based on this photo, if that intrigues you.

Hope you enjoy them, and if your weather is as gorgeous as it is here in Chicago, I hope you enjoy that, too.


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