Aliens Again

Yesterday, I mentioned a previous post in which I talked about UFOs disguising themselves as clouds. And then, like a gift from the heavens, this video appeared.

It shows what are allegedly alien spacecraft in the skies above London, a sentence which any Doctor Who fan would be thrilled(ish) to write (I qualify it because when there are alien spacecraft above London, mostly they are not coming to tea).

The video is extremely windy, and even the sky seems to ripple at some points, which the sky rarely does, in my experience. I was unable to make out the promised “mother ship,” as the video was described as smaller craft returning to a larger one, unless they meant the big cloud in the center, in which case, many people owe Shirley McLaine an apology.
I think that they look like those spotlights they use for the openings of nightclubs and car washes, only at night you can see the full beam. Maybe there was a thin enough layer of cloud up there to reflect the light.

Of course, if you believe that they are alien spaceships, I don’t want to dissuade you.

Believe away.

Life is much more interesting if you believe in aliens.


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