‘It’s About Time’ at Kicking Corners!

I’m late, which is ironic if you head over to Kicking Corners and read my guest blog today. It’s a little piece of micro-fiction called “It’s About Time” I really should have heeded, as suddenly it’s 2:00 and my list looks a lot like it did earlier.


DB Stevens, Kicking Corner’s most gracious and entertaining hostess, is not tardy, however, which makes her blog the perfect place to visit when other people who I won’t name but whose name rhymes with “Me” (actually, when you think about it, it really does) are slacking in the fun department.

Every Thursday, Kicking Corners features a 300-word post, and it’s much more challenging that you might think, especially for the wordy among us. So click already, and spend some time, there are all kinds of great bits of reading to discover.


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