Something Fun to Read

So I know I’m not, well, the update-iest blogger in the world, and I’ve come to terms with that shortfall, but I’d love to introduce you all to someone who does update. Like regularly. It’s pretty impressive.

DB Steven’s blog, Kicking Corners, is honest, quirky, and a whole lot of fun to read, and well worth the bookmark or the follow or whatever it is that you can do with a blog these days. It’s a fast hit of great small escapes (or a longer hit of more escapes, depending on how many entries you read at a time, but then you can’t blame me for the procrastination. Though they are fun to read. Still).

But even the best bloggers have to leave their blogs for, oh I don’t know, sleep, food and pesky deadlines, so next Thursday, March 29, I will be guest-blogging at Kicking Corners! Come check it out, and then do whatever thingy it is that you do to make sure you can go back again. I promise you’ll enjoy it. And thanks to DB Stevens for hosting me, I’m looking forward to it.



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