Yay! ‘Doctor Who’ Premieres Tonight with ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’

As the Doctor and his TARDIS roar in for the second half of Series 6 (Season 6 for the BBC America audience), we will finally see the aftermath of what happens “When a Good Man Goes to War” on “Doctor Who.”


In “Doctor Who’s” usual twisty-turny road to the meat of the action, the premiere episode is called “Let’s Kill Hitler.” Everyone always says if they had a time machine, they’d go back and kill Hitler. Considering the endless atrocities from which he’s saved humanity, fans have likely wondered for years when the Doctor would get around to taking care of that nasty chunk of history. It will be interesting to see how Steven Moffat, the lead writer for the “Doctor Who” series, handles such a potentially explosive topic.

When we left the Doctor, he was drunk on his own ability to inspire fear, to make men run at the sound of his name. He was angry and vengeful and cruel. We learned that “Doctor,” had come to mean a fierce warrior.

No doubt that this season, beginning with Hitler, the Doctor will start to learn that every human crisis is not his to solve, that not even he can be savior to all of humanity. Perhaps the Doctor will garner some humility as the search for  Amy and Rory’s baby, Melody Pond, continues; let’s just hope it doesn’t come in the form of his companions, said to be leaving at the end of this season.

It’s an interesting juxtaposition, the most aggressive, violent side of the Doctor, housed in his youngest incarnation. As I’ve said before, though Matt Smith took a while — and two fantastic companions in Rory and Amy — to win me over, his off-kilter mix of not quite-set-looks and simmering rage pulled me in and made the unbelievable, believable. Unsure that an actor in his twenties could portray the underlying rhythm of knowledge a man of 900+ years would have, I kept my distance, at least for a while.

Now I’m twiddling my thumbs until the premiere and wishing my DVR had a back-up alarm.

You know. It case it sleeps through it.


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