Stumbling Through the Virtual Universe

I touch a button, and a stunning photo appears. I touch it again, and this time, it’s an artist spray painting the universe in a couple of minutes. Again, and I’m seeing some of the most adorable photos taken by a dad. Ever.

I’ve rediscovered StumbleUpon.

Years ago, when it was just an add-on for FireFox, I used to lose time clicking through entire galaxies of the web I had no idea were there. Then you needed to sign up for it, and at that time, legions of people knowing what you liked seemed like an intrusion of privacy, not a way to socialize.

But in this post-Facebook world, a few thumbs-up here and there seem tame. So I signed up.

I lost a lot of time today.

It’s like jumping into your virtual station wagon and heading off on a road trip, closing your eyes and plunking a finger down on the map. Suddenly I’m near an abandoned-building-turned public art I never would have seen otherwise. Or I find the work of a digital artist from Brazil, unexpected and hilarious.

It’s kind of hard to stop.

I keep wondering if I’ll like the next thing more than the last thing, but like the thing after that more than the one before. If I only need to click “Stumble” one more time, and then I’ll have enough.

It’s worse than potato chips.




  1. That’s kind of funny, in a way. I abandoned Stumbleupon a long time ago, but was reminded of it today when I received an email about some new development. I dumped it in the spam folder. I spend too much time, as it is, stumbling around the web, being awed by strangeness and wonderfulness.

  2. It’s definitely a sign that you should try it again. Of course, that’s my big problem with it, I think “one more click” and I’ll find exactly the thing I need at the moment.

    I’m hoping it won’t take over my life. Hoping.

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