I’ve Been Writing

It’s just not here. Sorry, but I do have some things for you to read, if you’d like. Today, I have a tribute to Sherwood Schwartz, who died yesterday  at the age of 94, called “‘Brady Bunch’ Creator Sherwood Schwartz Left Us Laughing” at Yahoo! News. Staying in the world of entertainment, check out my comedy Emmy picks with this article: “Picking Emmy Contenders for Laughs.”

And for the writing inclined, I have some tips for making a novel happen with “Tips for Releasing the Novel Within: You Know You Want To.”

And finally, you may have seen it before, but with the news that Kody Brown and his polygamist family will challenge Utah’s bigamy law, I figured it was a good time to share this piece, retitled by Yahoo: “‘Sister Wives’ Gives Kinder, Gentler View of Polygamy.”

If you want to see what I’m up to on Yahoo, you can always check out my profile. And don’t forget about Writing in the Wind, I’m posting there regularly (and it’s all new content there).

Happy Wednesday.


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