Because We Said So

People have the freedom to do many things in this country. Sometimes states pass laws which curb those freedoms, not because they want to oppress their citizens, but for their safety and well-being.

Paternalistic? Maybe.

But sometimes utterly necessary.

Take, for example, this motorcyclist who was killed Fourth of July weekend in New York. He was riding to protest the requirement that motorcyclists wear helmets when he flipped over his handlebars and hit his head on the ground.

Apparently, had he been wearing a helmet, he would have survived.

I can’t help but wonder whether his death, there in the midst of a crowd of motorcyclists declaring their right to go helmet-less, will impact his fellow riders. After all, they watched it, there, in front of them, cause-and-effect.

I don’t understand the perspective of not wanting to do something because the state tells you you have to, especially when it comes to safety. What did that man gain by not wearing a helmet? Was it worth it?


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