Eureka! I’ve Found Something to Watch Until You Return

While I’m waiting for Sheriff Carter, Allison, Jo, Henry, Fargo and my other favorite residents of “Eureka” to come back, I’ve been filling the gap with British sci-fi, streamed through Netflix. Oh how I love both of those things at the end of the sentence; after all, Netflix introduced me to “Eureka” (well, Netflix and my brother. He told me I’d love it and he was right).

Anyway, I’ve torn through the first four seasons of the “Doctor Who” reboot, I’ve got to get the fifth on DVD and, in case you aren’t as far as I am, SPOILER ALERT: I don’t think I’m ready for a new Doctor, this concludes our SPOILER ALERT). I’m currently winding up the available seasons of a show called “Primeval,” where a rag-tag group of people who conveniently know the right obscure bit of information at the crucial time find time anomalies and deal with the animals–generally dinosaurish in nature–that come through.

I’m clearly underselling this show. It has just the right blend of earnestness and ridiculousness, with the added bonus that every single line is delivered with a British (and in the case of one actor, Scottish–or is it Scots? I’m not sure. Feel free to educate me) accent, which, over here in the States, we don’t associate with corralling bizarre creatures of the past. The British also use just the right note of restraint with their cheesy science-fiction, so it goes only so far and no further.

But I don’t only watch the British science-fiction. I’ve found that all of it, from the comedies like “Gavin & Stacey” to dramas like “Luther” (by the way, my friend Curly von Curls  (not her real name) had to remind me that
Idris Elba was the boss on The Office a few seasons back. He is one incredibly
talented, under-utilized actor) I see little glimpses into regular, ordinary
life a whole other country away. Not with the broad storylines, but with the
small details like how the characters’ homes look, what the side characters are
like, those types of things. I’ve found myself going back just to look at a
room a second time.

I’m obsessed and I don’t care who knows it. So I’ve got some time before “Eureka” returns, any moreBritish suggestions?



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