Wait, What? You Mean THIS Blog?

Ok, I admit I’ve left this poor blog all on its own, twisting in the cyberwind, alone and seemingly unloved.

Only seemingly.

You see, I’ve been writing. I’ve been writing so much that  when I’m done writing, I can’t even do my favorite activity  — e-mailing — anymore, because my fingers are all typed out.

That’s a lot of writing.

I’ve put up some short stories, if you’re interested: Better Living Through GRAVY and Taken for Granite.

And a bunch of other things, from the new monument to Dr. Martin Luther King in the National Mall, to a woman on a quest to be the world’s fattest to rapper Machine Gun Kelly’s flash mob, to the California capybara and other escapee animals, to the GOP wanting to raise your taxes if you’re not among the super-rich.

I wrote about Arianna  Gibson, the 6-year-old shot and killed a few weeks ago, and Megan Fox’s tattoo removal and why you should ink responsibly. I also wrote about the depressing-for-fans cancellation of “Eureka.”

There are far too many to list, so if you’re interested,  check out my
and click away (you can even subscribe to get an e-mail when I put
stuff up).

I’ve also been writing on Writing in the Wind, feel free to check it out, and you can subscribe there, too.

So poor, lonely, sad blog, worry not. There’ll be posts.

At some point, anyway.


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