We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging

An astute reader may have noticed that the tone of my posts has been a little different in the last ten days. Actually, an extremely inattentive reader may have noticed that the tone of my posts has been a little different in the last ten days. I thought I’d address it, at least from the side.

Due to recent personal circumstances, I’ve found that my mind is focused on more serious topics, and my language tends to drift more toward the poetic than my usual for this space. I enjoy poetry, and generally write it privately, but under these circumstances, a melding of the more lyrical with my essays just seems to flow.

It might feel strange, then, to read the recent string of posts, and then look at the descriptions of my novels. In fact, you may have even given a stray thought to whether the same person is responsible for both, because there’s a big gulf between the apparent lightness of my books and the heaviness of the posts.

In reality, there’s a lot more of these posts in the novels than it might seem on the surface. If you’ve been connecting with my recent entries, but think that my books may not be for you, for whatever reason–the humor, the genre, the subject matter–you’ll find, if you read them, that the same voice is there, under the layers of story and plot and character and oddity. If you’re curious about them, and the ideas I’ve dealt with recently appeal to you, I’d recommend you give Aunty Ida a try, even if you’ve never liked science-fiction. That book has much more to do with human nature  than sci-fi, and I promise, contains absolutely no aliens.

I will tell you that the style is different, and my inventiveness of language runs to the far more upbeat, but if you’ve had a reaction to what you’ve been reading, odds are you will enjoy it.

As for future blog posts, well, my personal situation is still ongoing, so you’ll have to log on to see which end of the writing spectrum the blog ends up on on any given day. Either way, thanks for reading.


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