Random Act of Fiction: A Tiny Tale of Facebook

I was trying to figure out how to put a pretty link to my books on my Facebook page (seriously, I can’t seem to figure it out. I can put just the link-link. But not a pretty one. Any suggestions? Anyone?) and my self-granted title of the Worst Facebooker Ever has inspired my blog’s first Random Act of Fiction. Hope you enjoy it more than I enjoy trying to figure out this tiny thing that should be so easy and yet is not.

A Tiny Tale of Facebook

Once upon a time, in the land of Betwixt-the-Webs, in the county of Book, in the shire of Face, there lived the Worst Citizen of all of Shiredom. She farmed no Ville, riddles she answered not, and when participating required the collection of ye olde personal information, she chose “nay.”

In fact, though she had a small cottage in Face–as all of her fellow citizens did–she rarely visited. Her flowerboxes withered, and cobwebs laced the front doorway. Her cottage in Face in the county of Book looked, well, neglected.

And so it was.

One day, the sky grew dark, the clouds drew close. Lighting sliced a gash across the sky and the rain poured and poured. Soon the plants in the flowerboxes grew shoots, and then new leaves and then buds and then flowers burst forth. The cobwebs washed away, and the Worst Citizen of all of Shiredom looked anew at her cottage and said, “hey, I can work with this.”

And so it was.

Is it a new age for the Worst Citizen’s Facebookery? Only time shall tell.

The End.

Or is it?

(Really any help on basic usage would be awesome).



  1. I loved this. Facebook, alas, is a closed book to me, but I shall join it and meet you there.
    And so it shall be.

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