Writing People into Being

It seems that writer Zach Helm was onto something with his movie Stranger than Fiction. Reading the news this morning, an AP headline about California’s Proposition 8, the one banning same-sex marriage, caught my eye.

I’m not going to go into my thoughts on the underlying issues, at least for this post. I’m more surprised by the fact that I think I made this judge up. He is the physical embodiment of one of my characters in

Now how I managed to will an adult man into being, I am not sure, but there it is. To be clear, I’d never seen this judge before today, nor had I really heard of him, so my character isn’t based on him. Somehow, in the strange ways of the universe, it turned out the other way  around.

(If you are wondering which way I lean on this issue, read the book, I think it speaks for itself).


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